Sunday, January 6, 2013

Tex, The Witch Boy Has Landed!

And he didn't even land on a broom. Come on. He ain't that kinda' witch.

Well, heck and hollah, had I paid more attention to my emails, I would've found out my first book came out two days ago! Which sorta' proves my wife right that I don't pay attention.

Here's the link, guys:
A little background. It's a YA thriller, murder mystery, lightly paranormal, comedic, dramatic, romantic mash-up about high school bullying. My main character's just an ordinary kid trying to survive extraordinary circumstances. Bullying, sadistic gym teachers, DODGEBALL, finding out he's a witch (not even a warlock!), and...someone killing the bullies at his high school. A lot of this book is based on my high school life, combined with my daughter's recent soujourn into the hallways of heck. Except we didn't know serial killers (um, at least that we know about).

It was a hard book to write. Just because the issue of bullying is tough. But I lived through it. So can you guys. If my book can help anyone out there going through bullying survive, then it made it all worth while. Read it, hate it, love it, just pass the word on.

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