Tex, The Witch Boy

There's a new kinda' witch in town and he has his own trailer! Not the kind you find in a trailer park. The kind that...oh, crap, let me shut up for a change and just take a look:

Theresa McClinton did such a great job capturing what the book's about, I'd recommend her highly. She's also oodles of fun to work with! I'm so pleased with it, I could hurl!

Tex, The Witch Boy is available at all fine e-sellers, Amazon, B&N, etc. Couldn't be more excited and I hope y'all have a look at it.

My first reviews are up and I have three five-star reviews. Huzzah!

DDReader says, "Tex, Olivia, and the gang truly sounded like authentic teenagers. I have two of them at home, so I'm used to the lingo and the attitudes. West proves to know his way around a high school conversation.

West is a genius when it comes to wit. His prose is full of masterful comedy that lightens the seriousness of the tone of the book. A good laugh really keeps me invested in a good story, and that's what I got with Tex, The Witch Boy.

Give it a read and try to figure out who dunnit for yourself!


Come on over to Amazon and see what happens to a Kansas high school sophomore when he finds out he's a witch. It ain't pretty!


  1. Love the video Stuart. It's fast moving, so it creates a sense of urgency, but not so fast that we cannot read the text. She did a great job!

  2. She did do a great job, didn't she? Thanks for the kind words. Being a movie geek, I couldn't resist the alluring temptation of my very own trailer!

  3. Glad you all are enjoying the trailer. I am swinging by to snatch some content for my new website soon to launch! Stay tuned. :)

  4. A trailer for a book? And BOTH are cool! - Ellen