Monday, October 22, 2012

Where Writers and Authors Meet Interview Blog-fest Thingy

Hey loyal followers (well, all eight of you. And the others who aren't following, but should be? I'm looking at you!)!

Virginia, the wonderful moderator of the "Where Writers and Authors Meet" Facebook page, had a cool idea to toss together a group interview/blog-hop to generate interest. By the luck of some random robot's pick, I'm up first!

Here...this'll explain it better than I can:

Okay, here're my questions and answers...

1. Tell us a little about what you write.

I write genre fiction, both for young adult and, um..."old adult." Why must we put labels on everything? Anyway. Thrillers, murder mysteries, black comedies and horror.

2. I see that you are about to have your first book published. Would you tell us a little about your publisher or how you found them?

Yep. My first book, Tex, The Witch Boy will be published by Muse-It-Up Publishing in January. I'd heard good things about them (all true!) and decided to give them a shot. They likewise gave me a shot. Or they had many "shots" leading to their choosing my book. Never drink and publish.

3. Tell us about what inspires you to write.

You want lofty hoo-hah or truth? Let's go with truth. My inspiration for writing is staying away from Corporate America.

4. If you get stuck in a place in your writing, what do you do to get yourself unstuck and back to writing again?

Call Triple AAA? No. I don't know. I've never been stuck for longer than five minutes. It may not be good but for better or worse, I toss everything on paper and worry about editing later.

5. What describes your typical method of writing?

Planting my ample bottom into the same spot on the sofa and pounding away at the keyboard for hours on end.  My "lucky sofa" saw me through six novels, and it has the indentation to prove it. The sofa wears me like a glove. My wife's kinda' mad at me, though. The sofa's pretty much dead and needs a good furniture burial. I'll miss you, old friend...choke...I'll miss you...

6. Where did you come up with the idea for your book?

My first book has a lot of autobiographical elements to it. It's about high school bullying. The theme is sadly timeless. I'd say it's a mixture of my high school hell days and stories from my daughter's tenure in the line of combat.

7. Describe your best kind of day...

Beer and a bad movie. Talk about nirvana.

8. Do you prefer to outline your story before you write it or do you just freewrite it as it comes to you?

You're talking about "pantsing!" I never knew what that term was until I started chatting to writers (I thought it meant bullies yanking your pants down! Yes, I'm a five year old boy.)! Mostly I fly randomly, letting the characters take charge, but I do like the comfort of having little post-it notes giving brief one-sentence descriptions of what the next scene should be.

9. What is one thing that you would like to be able to do in your lifetime?
Call Hitler a sissy.

10.Where can your fans find you?

Um, in the bathroom, I guess? No...wait.  Right here on my blog or email me at the above addy. You mean I'm gonna' have fans? Shut UP! What about groupies?

Okay, it felt like I was interviewing myself, but that's okay. All writers are sorta' crazy anyway. Right, evil imaginary twin brother Stuart? (The man in my mind nods and glares.)

And speaking of other writers...look who I found! Another midwestern writer of the fantastical nature: Stacey Brewer! She's my neighbor over in Joplin, Missouri (yep, the same town that was devastated recently by the tornado. When y'all stop in at her blog, ask her about her husband. He heroically braved the storm to knock on folk's doors warning them of the impending danger). Here's her website:

And, here are Stacey's questions:

1) I see you write fantasy. Why fantasy?

2) What's the name of your first book? Is it part of a series?

3) What's the book about (and please try and answer this question by writing with a British accent, because British accents make everything 110% more interesting.)?

4) Are you writing for children, young adults or adults? Or all of the above?

5) You're a fellow midwesterner. Does the color and flavor of the midwest factor into your writing? The midwest, after all, is home to the granddaddy of fantasy, The Wizard of Oz (believe me! I've heard all the Toto/Kansas jokes. They're STILL not funny!).

6) What character are you in the book? I know every writer puts themselves into everything they write to a certain extent.

7) What are your favorite fantasy novels? Is it your favorite genre to read?

8) Are you as influenced by cinema as much as writing? If so, what movies come to mind?

9) Will you continue in the fantasy field? Or are you interested in chasing other genres?

10) Quick! Favorite James Bond actor? (Be VERY careful how you answer this. There are two acceptable answers).

Alright, swing on over to Stacey's pad and tell her I sent ya'.  Feel free to stay awhile. She won't mind. She's very nice.

 And remember...don't drink and blog.


  1. Hi Stuart, very amusing answers. And I totally 'get' tossing the words on paper and sorting the editing out later:) Nice job, and I joined your blog too.

    Cheers, Sara

  2. Hi, Sara! (Great name by the way. It's my daughter's name). I appreciate your kind words and joining me with my juvenile fun. No one ever told me the "intronets" could be such a blast! It's better than water-ballooning the neighbor's car.

  3. ROFL Stuart your blog post had me laughing so hard! lololol I have a feeling you would be great at writing a comedy story! I can't wait to check out your work!

  4. Thanks, Virginia! Everyone thinks I'm funny except for my wife. Maybe I should start a petition to show her or something.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Dorothy, as always! It's odd my wife, family and friends find me so tiresome!...Or IS it?