Friday, October 26, 2012

Size Matters To Mickey Mouse

So, I recently had dinner with my brother and his daughters. We had a heated discussion about the approximate size of Mickey Mouse. Yes, we both need to get better lives.

He insisted Mickey Mouse is the size of a real mouse. I, defiantly, stood my ground and explained to my brother, Mickey Mouse is about five feet tall.

Let's weigh the evidence. Mickey has a dog named Pluto. Mickey's larger than Pluto, keeps him on a leash and appears to be a relatively good dog-owner. At least he doesn't dress Pluto in Halloween costumes. Plus, I believe I've seen Mickey drive a car. Well, at least in cartoons.

My brother's defense? He said Mickey Mouse on Ice is not indicative of his size. He stared at me disbelievingly and said, "those guys on skates aren't real, right? You KNOW that, don't you?" He said this in the solemn way he told me Santa wasn't real. There's no arguing with my brother. Family.

The only problem with my rock-solid argument does "Goofy" fit into my vision of the Disney world? He's a dog as well. I think. Yet, he walks upright, speaks (unlike Pluto)and appears to be a well-adjusted--yet, slightly stupid--individual. I didn't bring this up. No need to add further fuel to the fire of my brother thinking I'm an idiot.

This argument has thrown everything I thought I knew into a tizzy. I lay awake at night, pondering the size of Mickey Mouse. Surely, a sentient mouse who walks a dog is human size. the back of my mind, I find myself questioning it.

So. I'm reaching out to y'all. What size is Mickey Mouse?

I know this isn't important in the larger spectrum of life (outside of the Disney empire), but I'm due for a good night's sleep, free of worry from large creatures who haunt my dreams.


  1. LOLOL!!! This is such a hilarious post. I have NO idea what size Mickey is -although I have met him at Disneyworld and he was bigger than me (I was 3 at the time).

  2. Hi, Rachel! How're you?

    Sadly, your personal encounter doesn't really help my defense, seeing as how all three year old's views of the world are always skewed. I once thought the bullies in grade school were giants. I now look at seventh graders and think, wha?

  3. 1:

    So, on average...