Monday, October 22, 2012

Tex, The Witch Boy's Gotta' Cover!

Take a gander. Talented cover artist C.J. Volnek has put a face to my boy, Tex.

Now. I never wanted to envision what my character, Tex, looked like. He was sorta' vague in my mind and I liked him that way. So, it's shocking to see him living and breathing on my cover.

C.J. did a bang-up job at capturing the oddball nature of my first book. An ordinary kid stuck in extraordinary circumstances. She captured the duality perfectly.

What's slyly awesome about C.J.'s stellar work is I believe the cover will appeal to both guys and gals. And that's what I wanted. Thanks, C.J.!


  1. Congrats Stu! It looks awesome. I'm very much like you and prefer not to have actual faces on covers because I feel like it forces me to have a specific image and I much prefer to imagine my own characters so I can understand and relate to your reservations about it. I don't know this story (yet) but as long as YOU feel it's a good representation of Tex, then I'll go with it. I do have to say that I LOVE the skateboard with the symbol on it. Skateboarders are just HOT period, so that totally works for me. :D Good luck and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

    1. Hey, thanks, Mel! Yeah, I really didn't want to show the character's face, but it's more commercial. The pentagram on the skateboard is cool. It's not really in the book, but it's so iconic, I added it into the sequel.

  2. Congratulations Kansas, looks good!

  3. Congratulations, great cover. C.J. has done it again.

  4. The pentagram on the skateboard says it all!

  5. The pentagram on the skateboard says it all!