Friday, October 16, 2015

The bladder of a ninja

Whenever my friends start bragging about their kids' accomplishments, I hit 'em up about my dog's bladder. It's incredible. Such stamina and control, my dog's bladder surely must be considered a modern miracle.
When we go on walks, Zak urinates at least 20 times. Every time. How he manages to still withhold some for our next stop is beyond me. There's more urinating going on than walking. He can control his bladder like mad, but can't control his furniture-ripping rage at the mailman.

For you see, Zak's a bit of a control freak. Thinks the entire world's his territory, no other dog's. And he intends to mark it as such.

My wife says it's sorta Zak's way of saying hello to other dogs. Yellow graffiti. "Zak was here." You know, if people started saying "hello" this way, the jails would be packed. Something to think about.

Something else to think about? Halloween! Has everyone got their Halloween reading ordered? Well, I'm here to help...

How about a historical ghost tale? Ghosts of Gannaway

Or a serial killer, blackly comical thriller? Secret Society

Don't forget teens and religious zombies: Zombie Rapture

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