Monday, October 6, 2014

Bench sitting with Olivia and Arabella

What happens when tough girl Olivia (from Tex, the Witch Boy) meets up with villainess Arabella (from Quest of the Hart)? Well, as you can see below, the sparks certainly fly! Be sure to swing over to Mary Waibel's blog to see how Tex fared with Princess Kaylee.

Arabella: Who are you and what do you think you're doing here?

Olivia: Uh, excuse me! Believe I was here first. You just sorta' poofed next to me on this bench. If you're gonna' get all bad ass on me, just know I took down the biggest, baddest, apiest bully at my high school! I eat mean girls like you like candy and spit out the wrappers! I'm Olivia and I don't have much use for taking names. I'd rather just get down to business.

Arabella: If I didn't need a specific person’s blood on this dagger (she holds up a very sharp blade) I would gladly use it on you to prove how weak you really are. And as far as names go, you can call me your highness.

Olivia: Look, your royal "hyena," threats don't go very far with me. Grrl power's my superhero ability, incredible amounts of caffeine my gas. And why are you running around with a knife anyway?

Arabella: This isn't a knife you dimwitted fool. It's an enchanted dagger I'm going to use to claim the throne from my inferior, going to be king because I'm a boy, brother. Explain this superhero ability of yours. I am not familiar with the term.

Olivia: Whoa, whoa, slow down psycho-pants! So, I get you're, like, a princess or something. Or an evil queen. That fits better. Tuck your dang knife away and let's chat. What's the deal, what's your name, where're you from, what's your damage? And why are you hushing my vibe on my favorite bench?

Arabella: (sheaths the knife at her side and glares at Olivia) I am Arabella, Princess of Breniera. As for hushing your vibe, I do not know what that means, but I am here at this bench to gather my thoughts for a moment before my assigned watchdog, forgive me, (she grins) my guard finds me again. Why are you here?

Olivia: (Under breath) Gah! This is gonna' be tough. (resumes speaking normally) Well, Princess Arabella, I'm Olivia, self-anointed queen of the bench you're sitting on. I smell issues here like a boy's locker room. So, where's Breniera? Is that in Iowa? And if guards are looking for you, um, why don't you give me their number? I'll be glad to give 'em a call (waves cell phone).

Arabella: Clearly your tutor educated you poorly. Breniera is only the best kingdom in all of Valendria. (She flips her long black hair over her shoulder.) I command that you tell me more about you and this place we are in. I feel Esmerelda has sent me through her mirror into some other land, cheeky witch that she is.

Olivia: Command this: eat it, Arabella. You're now in the kingdom of Kansas,  the uncoolest place of all. Clearwell to be exact. Deal with it. Maybe the almighty Oz will smite you or something. But, for realz, what's this about witches? That's something I know about. My boyfriend, Tex, is a witch.

Arabella: Oh, really? Perhaps I should meet this Tex. Mayhap he can help me return to Breniera so I can set this curse upon my brother. He must be an evil witch seeing he associates with one of your ilk. Tell me, where can I find him?

Olivia: What're you saying about my "ilk?" "Mayhap" you better be careful what you wish for. If Tex finds you, it won't be for your own good. And he especially wouldn't use his witchiness to help you curse your brother. Black magic's evil, it'll turn the world into pigs. Or something. I don't know the deets, just that it's bad. Why don't you use your witchcraft to do something good for a change?

Arabella: I am using this dagger for good. My good. I will finally be seen for the skilled person I am when I'm removed from my brother's mediocre shadow. Your friend is limiting himself by ignoring all magic. Dark magic is quite powerful. No witch would ever discount it completely. He is a fool, just like you. I believe I will find my own way home from this accursed place before your weakness contaminates me.

Olivia: Gah! I think you contaminated me with your bee-yotchy cooties just by sitting here! Go on. Scat! Before I lose it. And I hope when you transport, or whatever, back to Skankville, you get your atoms mixed up with a fly. Don't darken my bench again!

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  1. I love it. I read Quest of the Heart and am Reading Tex the Boy witch. Two great female characters. Well done Stuart and Mary
    H Greenis - The Natasha Saga

  2. Hey, Stuart! Thanks for letting Arabella chat with Olivia. I hope she made it through relatively unscathed- Arabella can be quite something when she sets her mind to it!

  3. Two of my favorite characters in one place - love it!