Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Tuckening Part #2: A New Mooning Rising

Contest time, gang! Okay, my friend, Meradeth Houston, and I were chatting. Came up with a fun new game.

I've created the absolutely worst title I could think of. "The Tuckening Part #2: A New Mooning Arising." I know, right? Gets the creative juices swirling.

Dust off your closet screenwriting talents. Give me a promo with actors. The lucky winner will receive a huge ol' "attaboy" or "attagirl." And a free copy of my newest book (but it's only .99 now, so geeze, don't be a cheap-skate) if you want it.

Here's my example (ahem):

The Tuckening Part #2: A New Mooning Rising:"

The Tucker is back. Just when the students at FreeBall High think they're safe, he returns. When they're not looking, shirts are tucked in from behind. Pants are pulled up. No one is safe. Pray you're not next. Could it be the cafeteria lady, always with a googly eye upon proper etiquette? Perhaps it's the janitor, one arm on a mop, the other wielding an axe. Tools of the trade. What about poor Brad, who years ago was humiliated by having his shirt tucked in by a complete stranger? A stranger who left him with the words, "take care of your appearance." Everyone's at risk. Nothing is as it seems. "The Tuckening Part #2: A New Mooning Rising" will take you places you've never been tucked before. A new direct-to-video starring Judd Nelson as Principal Risk. Featuring Roseanne Barr as the lunch lady and George Kennedy as Principal Vice.  Oprah as the President. Introducing Justin Bieber as the androgynous student. And Andy Dick as Detective Stone Hardrock.

See how simple that was? Go, gang, go! Let your freak flag fly! Now, tuck off!


  1. Wow, Stuart, I don't think I can come up with anything as awesome as that! Nice!

  2. Coming soon to a theater near you: The Tuckening Part #2: A New Mooning Rising. A riveting tale that revisits the small town in Western Montana where, again, strange events seem to be occurring once people fall asleep. Why is it that they suddenly find themselves inexplicably tucked into their bedsheets? Why are certain people getting tucked in so tight that they are suffocated by their own sheets? Why is flannel so deadly? You may have thought the mystery was solved in the first Tuckening film, but it seems that the danger is back, and this time it's out for blood!

    Coming soon to theaters near you! (I suck at actors, so I'll let you imagine some good--or bad, as the case may be--names to add in here!)

    Gah, I love this! :)

    1. Meradeth presents a fine entry! The only entry! So far, she's way ahead of the competition, going for the Gold. If this were the Olympics, she'd be Mexico. Come on, guys! Let your freak flag fly.

  3. Hi Stuart. Mind if I pop back tomorrow when my head doesn't feel like it's congealed spaghetti strands around my brain stem? I made the mistake of taking a pain pill about an hour ago...(Cold damp weather seems to make my surgically removed right lower spine act up. I'll be back tomorrow...Promise.

  4. Okay, Stuart, twist my arm!

    Coming soon to a theater near you…

    The Editor: Saving the World One Manuscript at a Time

    (cue that movie-trailer-voiceover guy)

    In a world full of misplaced commas, passive voice, and overly abundantly copiously flowing adverbs, a new hero arises to save us all from bad reading material. She is The Editor. Starring Channing Tatum as the nerdy-yet-hot writer with a tortured soul, Jennifer Lawrence as his tough-girl-with-a-vulnerable-side best friend/potential love interest, and Angelina Jolie as The Editor.

    (Disclaimer: this film is not yet rated and in no way is a slam against editors. They are awesome.)