Sunday, February 16, 2014

Gah! Check out what Kansas has done now!

Prepare to cringe.

Kansas just passed a bill that allows business and government employees to refuse service to gay couples if it offends their religious beliefs. Our tax-paying money at work.

You believe that crap?

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I live in Kansas. And Kansas is apparently hot damned and determined to throttle the distance between Church and State. For silly reasons, even.

These guys...

You know, I thought we were making strides toward a more tolerant country with several states passing gay marriage bills. Why it should even be open to government interference is beside me. It's a matter of individuals and love. Ludicrous. But still, I saw progress.

Then Kansas puts in a word.

Honestly, doesn't this seem unconstitutional? If I were to take a cue from Kansas government, it'd be a wicked world. I could legally refuse to talk to someone because their haircut offends me (Kansas, Home of the Mullet). Someone's breath is bad? Hey, see you in court, cleanliness is next to Godliness! What about the people who find Adam Sandler movies funny? I'm sorry, it offends my religious sensibilities. Take a full-on shot-gun blast for that (rampant gun hi-jinx are okay in Kansas as long as a gay person isn't behind the trigger). Dang ol' Kansas government will defend my sensitive religious sensibilities, they got my back.

It's more than two steps back, folks, it's a leap through time. What happened?


  1. I feel your pain, Stuart. I live in Texas, a state so red and red in the neck that your average bull goes ballistic here. I will never understand how people who read the Bible and claim to be Christians can miss what it says about love and forgiveness while never missing a syllable of the passages about condemning and hating... except for the syllable "don't".

  2. I heard about what happened in Kansas and at first I thought there was some mistake and that the news was wrong, because it is 2014 after all. I hope people stand up to the craziness and positive changes come about. We need to move forward, not backwards.

    1. I hear ya', Jess. What year is it? Seems like Orwell's "1984," yet we've regressed. Thirty years later, things are looking worse. These clowns who determine law need to be displaced.

  3. Religious beliefs are great. Really are. But should they take precedence over people's rights to live a normal life? Without prejudice? It's crazy this is even an issue and that the government got involved. In Kansas, if you're gay, you can't buy a Big Mac. This state sucks.

  4. I read about this. It's pretty shocking. More something I'd expect from Missouri... Dorothy better grab onto that cyclone and beat it for Oz before the far right decide she's gay for wearing those glitzy ruby slippers. ;)