Friday, August 3, 2018

Ghosts of Gannaway: a true (ish) macabre ghost saga

My book, Ghosts of Gannaway, is a true story.
Well, except maybe for the ghosts. That bit I took a few liberties on. Unless you believe in that sorta thing, of course.

And the Indian curse...naturally I made that up. But other than those two things, the events in Ghosts of Gannaway actually happened.

Okay, okay, fine! The murders depicted in my tale are fabricated. Or are they?

All in all, though, Ghosts of Gannaway actually occurred. (If you overlook the haunted museum, the moving statue, the ghostly miners, the yellow-eyed fever, the spectral visions, and other minor details. Man, you guys are nit-pickers. They call it historical "fiction," for a reason, you know! Don't make me come over there!)
The real haunted museum
My wife says I exaggerate. That's her gentle way of calling me a drama queen (which I've been labeled before. As if!). Others less nicely inclined call me a liar. Since I'm a writer, I call it artistic license.

So, at the end of the day, Ghosts of Gannaway actually happened. Every bit of it. 

Couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my fellow horror-loving sister-in-law and she and I agreed that ghost stories are what creeps us out the most. But I also realized that's only true in entertainment. What really scares me is the evil inherent in humanity and what extremes people will go to in the pursuit of money. 

Ghosts of Gannaway tackles both of my biggest fears: ghosts (fun and fictional!) and the greed that destroyed the town of Picher, Oklahoma upon which my book is based (not so fun and true!).

My book is a sweeping historical ghost tale full of curses, scares, Native-American rights, one of the first feminists, greed, suspense, hissable villains, noble heroes, hippies, union strikes, violence, animated statues, haunted museums, pollution, and love that transcends death.

And it's all true. Every last word. I swear!*

*Disclaimer: Author Stuart R. West is a professional liar, fraud, phony, and cheat. Everything he says should be taken with a grain of salt. Do not attempt to believe what he says while drinking or taking medication. Do not listen to him while driving heavy machinery. Should baldness or erectile dysfunction occur after buying into Stuart R. West's chicanery, consult a lawyer immediately. Should sleeplessness occur due to nightmares from reading Ghosts of Gannaway, well...then the author's done his job.

Visit lovely Gannaway, Kansas today. You're only one click away. 
All of it true!
For those electronically challenged, here's where you can get the fancy paperback:

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