Friday, October 28, 2016

I'm married to a bonafide Movie Star!

You guys quit fretting about the break-up of Brangelina. "Studney" is doing just fine. And I know you were wondering about us, the alliance of Stuart and Cydney.


Because my wife Cydney's been called a "movie star."
Maybe you've seen her many excellent presentations on the Kansas City news channels, promoting the benefits of quality-sealed herbal supplements and the detriments of knock-off products derived from the stem of the plant rather than the root. Lots of that voodoo.

Lately, though, I've been made painfully aware I walk in my wife's shadow.

My mom called me this week (a first! If I don't call her, she kvetches about it). Said she caught my wife's recent interview on TV. Mom was so bedazzled by her appearance ("I was just beside myself!" What does that even mean? Split personality disorder?), she couldn't pay attention to what my wife was saying. Not that it matters, of course, that I've been telling Mom about my wife's TV spots for over ten years. But Mom's from Missouri, the annoying "Show Me" state.

For crying out loud, even my daughter's boyfriend caught Cydney's latest performance.

I didn't know anything about it. The kicker is neither did Cydney before it happened, a last minute thing. The news rolled into her university where she teaches, said, "hey, you wanna talk stuff?"

No big deal to her, she's there go-to gal.

Had it been me, I'd have been sweating like a crooked lawyer running through a sprinkler.

But the biggest deal...the most awful incident regarding my wife's fame...

I took the dog to the vet this week. I walked in and the receptionist says, "Oh." Her shoulders folded, her smile went south and spread into a sneer. "I was hoping to see the movie star, your wife."
It's time to drum up some of my own fame.


My third and (literally) explosive final Killers Incorporated book, Killer King, is here!

The only serial killer thriller/dark humor trilogy that features serial killer heroes against an evil big business corporation. First book, Secret Society, now available for the introductory price of .99!


  1. Awww. Just get out there, my friend. You deserve fame too.

  2. Hey, I tried ordering your book again in Canada and it came through!

  3. Don't worry, Stuart. You're super famous among a small, elite group of intellectuals (that would be me and Dave). Really, though, with a name like Cydney McQueen, how could she NOT be famous!? That is one seriously awesome name.