Friday, April 10, 2015

Here comes the zombies!

Well, looks like it's that time again to introduce y'all to my newest book.

Zombie Rapture. Crazy title, huh? Go look at it now, then meet me back here. Zombie Rapture Linky-Poo!

Now if you're the type of person who'd rather not read about gut-munching zombies, hang on a minute! The zombies in this book are really "zombies" in title only. First of all, they're sentient. Second, they don't eat flesh. Or brains (a rather nasty culinary habit, I think). Rather, they somewhat fancy fried chicken, down-home cooking. 

Sure, they're dead (or "undead" if you want to get fancy-pants about it). And they're out to kill the (apparently) few surviving living humans. Why? It's complicated. But in a nutshell, people have died, come back, and now believe they're experiencing the Rapture come to earth. Heaven on earth. Those not like them? They want to "save" them, bring them into their paradise. You know, by killing them. Told you it's complicated.

But at the heart of the tale? A love story, a heroic quest for Hunter to find his missing girlfriend, Jordan.

Okay. Even though a couple of the protagonists are teens, it's not a YA book. Too much for their tender lil' minds. I certainly don't want to have the corruption of teens on my rap-sheet. And's the zombie book for people who don't like zombies. (But fear not, zombie lovers! I've got you covered as well!).

The book shape-shifts. While writing, it took on a mind of its own. Starts out all romancey and stuff. Segues way into dark humor (I don't know about you, but a dead lil' old lady coming at our hero with hedgeclippers, chanting "praise Him, praise Him!" strikes me as morbidly amusing). Turns into suspense, horror, sci-fi, mystery, thriller. Finally satire. 

An end-of-the-world black comedy! Fun for the whole family!

Official launch date is April 14th. You can preorder it until then at this nifty link: Clicky for Zombie Rapture! All this excitement for a mere $2.99! Go!


  1. That is a great cover. One of the best I've seen from Muse. Watch some of the cartoons that are out there for kids now. Your books would probably be good for their little minds. Best of luck with the launch.

    1. Yeah, Jeff, Charlie Volnek killed (and came back to life) over this cover. Actually I think the Coyote always dying over his fruitless quest for the Roadrunner can be explained away by "zombieism."