Friday, March 20, 2015

Tex the Witch Boy Conjures Into Print!

My first book, Tex, the Witch Boy, is now available as a trade paperback! Now why is this exciting news, you ask? Why should you be thrilled that my rollicking YA mystery, paranormal, comedy, romance, thriller, kitchen-sink catch-all has made the transition onto paper? Glad you asked!

1) If you'd like to play along at home, it's much cooler to practice Tex's witchcraft spells while holding an actual book as opposed to an E-Reader. Just something old-school witchiness about it.

2) The cover's had an over-haul! Say goodbye to "Tex, the Twenty-Something, Kinda' Creepy Male Model Who Still Hangs Around High Schools." No offense to my marvelous cover artist, Charlie Volnek (who actually also did the great new cover), but this really isn't Tex, not the Tex I'd always envisioned. Anyone who's read the book can attest to that.

Say hello to the new boss!

This new cover captures the content of the tale much better:  Mysterious, dangerous, forboding, BOOYAH! Charlie knocked it out of the park.

Here! First reveal:
 That's what I'm talkin' about!

3) Finally, it recently came to my attention that YA readers (teenagers, early 20's) don't read e-books! GASP! Shocker, I know. Usually, every teen I know has their nose buried in some electronic gadget 24-7. You practically have to set yourself on fire to grab their attention and then it's only for a fleeting moment. (Just pray they're interested enough to call the Fire Department).

But, this is especially important as the theme of the book is about anti-bullying, a powerful message that I'd like to see reach the proper audience. Now the book has a chance of getting into libraries and, ultimately, teens' hands.

So, if you know a teen who's being bullied, buy the book for them. If you want teens to know they're not alone, that they have options, let 'em read this book. The books doesn't preach or talk down, nothing but the sometimes harsh truth. I should know. All bullying incidents detailed within either happened to me or a friend of mine.

Available now: Tex, the Witch Boy


  1. I bought two copies for two school libraries. It's on its way. Can't wait!

    1. Thanks so much, Suzanne! You're a peach amongst unicorns. Um, or something.