Friday, September 26, 2014

When a teen witch guy and a teen Sary meet...

You guys familiar with my protagonist, Tex, from my Tex, the Witch Boy trilogy? How about Julia, a supernatural "Sary" from Meradeth Houston's fine Sary Society series?

If you haven't read their adventures, boy have I got a deal for you. Psst, apparently iBooks have gone crazy, stark-raving nuts. For .99 (a penny less than a buck), you can get the first Tex book, the first Sary book, and two more terrific YA books. Can't go wrong. That's four ebooks for a dollar.

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In the meantime, Tex and Julia decided to meet. Things get uncomfortable. Pull up a chair, get comfy, and eavesdrop as they meet...

Tex: You know, Julia, um, I'm not really used to meeting people of...ah...similar supernatural orientation. I'm a witch. A guy. But, something’s been bugging me since I heard about you, a Sary. Isn’t it kinda hard to like, hide your wings? Is that a problem getting into clothes? Elevators?

Julia: Hi, Tex. Yeah, the wings. Explain to me how you can see them? Normally people can’t--they’re hidden. Maybe it has something to do with your witchy-ness? But, wait, a guy witch--what does that mean exactly?

Tex: Alright, alright. Let's get it out of the way. Yes, I'm a witch. Yes, I'm a guy. And yes, I live in Kansas. Being a dude witch sucks. Really. I mean high school sucks as it is. I inherited my witch-hood, for better or worse. That probably does explain how I can see your wings. Didn’t really know you could hide them from people. That’s kinda cool. Um, what exactly is a Sary?

Julia: Interesting. I haven't met a witch in a really long time. Being a Sary basically means I work as cosmic suicide prevention. Not that I tell many people that. It's not an easy job, but the wings are a perk. Even if I do end up back in high school too much. It's not an easy place to survive, is it?

Tex: Yeah, lots of bullies, stupidity, unfairness. In my school, murder happens a lot, too. Don't ask. Worse than Hell or even Purgatory. Um, is there a Purgatory? Okay, so you're keeping an eye out on people. Makes me kinda' wonder why you do it in the first place. Does the Big Guy in the sky compel you?

Julia: I'm going to plead the fifth on the Purgatory thing. I don't think that's something I get to talk about. As for how and why I have such an amazing job? I chose it. It was either this, or get stuck without a body for eternity. I don't really know if the Big Guy had anything to do with it. It’s not like I’ve met him. Or her. But anyway, what do you do for fun?

Tex: Fun? What's that? I dunno, Julia, I guess I skateboard, hang out with my girlfriend, Olivia, and my buddies. And try and stay alive, if you can call that fun. Harder than you would imagine at Clearwell High. So, okay, what if the person you're looking after is kinda' sucky?

Julia: I hate to admit that that does happen. I try to help them no matter what though, even if I don't exactly enjoy their company. Some people are just jerks. Sometimes I wonder why I don’t look a million years old from all the stress.

Tex: Julia, I kinda' get the feelin’ you must be old, given the nature of your supernaturality. Um, you don't look ancient, like 30 or something, but how old are you? You don't have dentures or anything, right?

Julia: You know, a gentleman never asks a lady's age. But, just suffice it to say that I'm old enough to remember most everything you'll study in your history classes.

Tex: Well, it's been awesome talking to someone a little different. You know, in the "other" world. Or whatever. Stay cool, drink school, stay in milk. And, um, no offense Julia, but I hope I don't meet you soon. It means I'm in trouble.

Julia, laughing: Nice to meet you, Tex. And should I meet you again, I really hope it’s not because I’m assigned to you.

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  1. Thanks for letting Tex come out and play, Stuart :)

    1. You're welcome, Mer. Give an "attagirl" on the back for Julia for coming outta' cover for the interveiw.

  2. Yay for collaborating characters! And iBooks has a 4-for-a-dollar special? WOW! I hope you and Meradeth sell bunches!

    1. Thanks, Lexa. Always great to hear from you. Yeah, whatta' deal, huh?

  3. Interesting interview between two very abnormal people. Good luck with the boxes set.