Friday, October 11, 2013

Return Of The Christian Werewolf Erotica!

I swear. Some time back, I joked about writing a Christian, werewolf erotica novel. You know what? It's been my most popular blog post thus far. So, I'm going with another entry. Y'all better be careful for what you wish. I'm now contemplating unleashing (rabies and all) a whole novel full of this idiocy.

Fair warning, folks. The heat level's gonna' rise! So, tuck in the little ones, grab a glass of wine, settle back and sizzle.

Clears throat. Okay, here we go...

I nibbled on his ear like a communion wafer. His furry unibrow raised up to Heaven, his toes bent down to Hades. He gazed at me, howled, then asked, "Do Fox network news?" The question didn't need to be answered, no time for words. Nothing mattered but the moment. I grabbed his pointed ears like handlebars, pulled him down next to me. A true gentleman, he lapped at his privates. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. He jumped up, circled the bed several times like a dog before a nap, panted, then fell back in bed. His tongue lashed out at my face. After wiping his saliva off, I maneuvered my way on top of him. Being an internet-certified pastor, I quickly delivered a marriage ceremony. Now I could truly enjoy the pleasures of his lupine body, no sinning involved.

"Ethel," he moaned. "Oh, God..."

"Yes, praise him," I replied.

"You're the first human woman I've been with."

"And the last..."

"No, I mean, really, arooooooo! I've only been with were-men before you."


Ooh! I've just turned my Christian erotica werewolf novel into a GAY Christian erotica werewolf novel! This suckah's gonna' sell through the roof!

Okay, what do you guys think? I'm either going to Hell or becoming a millionaire.

Working title is "50 Fleas Of Fur."


  1. You're going to have more sales than you know what to do with!

    50 Fleas Of Fur, lol!! This totally had me in stitches!

  2. Thanks Meradeth! Don't think my wife will let me write this opus! And I sorta think I'd wear out after a couple pages. But it IS kinda fun to write.

  3. The best thing about werewolves... nobody is going to question your portrayal for political correctness. I do wonder, though, if they might be group who suffer from discrimination without anyone to be an advocate for them.

  4. ROFLMAO...OMG, LOVE THIS! Dangit Stuart you've given me the hiccups I'm laughing so hard.

  5. I knew it. I knew it. You've got it in you. 49 or 51 Shades of Fur. Keep it odd my friend. No…no, I change my mind. I'm allowed to do that, right Right? '49 Shades of Fleas.' Where has that werewolf been???