Sunday, October 6, 2013

No government? Fine. No taxes

Well, crap, we no longer have any government. Weird, right? So far there's no rioting in the streets, looting, or embarrassing flash-mobs in the malls. And since we're still civilized in the malls-the last bastion of humanity-we just might weather through this.

So a bunch of tea party (pinky fingers uplifted, of course, while they sip their drinks) members and republicans threw a hissy fit because they didn't get their way. Cry me a river and let me urinate in it. Sorry for the vulgarity, gang, but I'm pretty pissed.

The One Percent is gonna' come out of this just fine and dandy, probably better than ever, thank you very much. Interest rates are going to rise. The high and mighty decision-makers will sit back in their leather recliners, stroking their white cats in their laps, and giggling at the misery they've wrought. Can't ever get enough money, after all, and that's what it's all about. Meanwhile, lots of people are hurting, government funded programs now defunct. And hard-working folks are losing their jobs.

Why? We know the answer. Greed and stupidity.

SO what's the upside? Not a damn thing. But I'm thinking of forcing an upside. If the so-called decision-makers of the United States decides there's no more government, then I'll back them. That means I shouldn't have to pay taxes anymore, right? Hell, yeah. It's a revolution started on my sofa!

Fight the man!


  1. The big problem for me is that I'm a teacher. Government pays my salary with collected tax money. No government? No more education? As a looney liberal I tend to say crazy things like taxes are good because they pay for services we all need and might not have access to if everything is privately owned and operated for maximum profits.

  2. I understand your dilemma, Michael. I'm just tired of the Decision Makers playing hard-ball with the little guy's lives. They won't be effected by it. The 99% should have a say in the matter. But we don't. Maybe schools should be sponsored by McDonald's or something.

  3. Can my school be sponsored by Costco? I'd make more money that way, I'm pretty sure. And probably have better health coverage... Someone remind me why I spent so many years in school for this?

  4. Okay. Gah! Both McDonald's and Costco are bad examples of places running the world as we know it. So if we can't have socialism and privately owned blocks of society, what else is there? Maybe Big Boy Government stepping up (after they're reinstated, of course), and acknowledging the importance of education in our country? Meradeth and Michael, you guys are my heroes. My hair's off to you both and every school teacher. Most important job in the world.. Teach. Teach like the wind!

  5. Sigh. It's sorta' come to my attention (how's that for waffling?) that you guys don't want to read about politics. So due to popular demand, more Christian Werewolf Erotica will be here soon. Unbelievably the last goof was my most popular blog post thus far. And if I really want to sell out, the novel will be at your cyber-tips soon.