Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hanging out with and Meradeth Houston

Let me introduce you to Meradeth Houston, my friend and author of Colors Like Memories, a very good YA fantasy romance. The book and she are both pretty dang cool. Let's hear that applause!

Thanks so much for hosting me, Stuart! It’s been awesome getting to know you and your books.

*You're very welcome! SO clue in the uninitiated. What's a "Sary?"

A Sary is a child who died before they were born, or took their first breath. They’re offered the choice of staying a spirit on the other side, or to gain a body and serve as cosmic counselors against suicide.

*I really think it's kick-ass you made up an entirely new supernatural entity.

LOL! I get people going “but google didn’t know what I was talking about” all the time! Or people asking me if I write about sari—the Indian dresses. Personally, I like making things up from scratch, so I can make all the rules (ahem, my OCD side coming through there a little!).

 *OCD creates awesome writers, Meradeth! I'm not much for tear-jerkers, but your book is. Dang you! Apologies? Explanations? Don't make me act unmanly!

I’m not trying to go for tear-jerker, promise! I guess I just tend to do that. I’ve had other people tell me they can’t read my books because they don’t do sad. And to be honest, I’ve avoided books I know will require a box of Kleenex (The Fault Is In Our Stars anyone?). Still, I’m just not really a funny person, so I guess by default the emotion I get is sad. (Insert sad trombone sound here…)

*So. Two different angles of romance going on in your book. Tragic romance. New romance. Preference?

Book #4 tells all. But I do have a soft spot for happy endings, if that’s enough of a spoiler for everyone.

*I was totally caught up in Julia's watch over her "project. Couldn't wait to see how it turned out. It brought real suspense to your excellent tale. (Not really a question, Meradeth, but elaborate!).

Marcy was really fascinating for me to write about. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how her story would play out until the end, myself. I got to the scene at the end (I don’t want to spoil it, eep!) and wasn’t sure how it would go. So, yeah, she’s quite the train wreck, but also such a sweet person I was glad Julia could be there for her. (Can you tell that I kind of get hung up on my characters being “real” in my head? Does that make me crazy? I always wonder….)

 *Meradeth, "Crazy" is the new cool! Hasn't anyone told you that yet? Okay, I'm picturing the male lead, Edison, as a sorta' male model, kinda' Robert Pattison guy. Please tell me I'm wrong!

Hahaha! Oh, wow, yeah, Edison would fall over laughing at that. He’s decent looking, but pretty normal, really. The Sary as a whole really go for the blending-in thing, so while they’re all “pretty” they’re definitely not model-like. Edison’s a cool guy, and his French is a little swoon-worthy, but mostly he could walk by on the street pretty much like anyone else.

The topic of teen suicide is very powerful. One of your characters struggles with it. Uncomfortable, but important time. Truth?

Whoa. Throw this one in here between Pattinson and kittens? LOL! Actually, suicide plays a role in all my books, because it’s a part of who the Sary are. And, it does have some pretty deep resonance for me. I don’t talk about it much (or at all, really) but I came from an abusive household and moved out of my dad’s house at 14. To say I never thought about suicide would be a lie, but I never got anywhere near as close as Marcy or some of my other characters. I was lucky to have my writing as a way to cope, and maybe in some ways that’s why the Sary have the role they do.

*You have only two choices. Who are your favorite James Bond actors? Make the right decisions. Kittens hold in the balance.

Ack! Two? Hmm, okay, I’ll admit I really like Daniel Craig. Something about him is alluring and gives the character a lot more depth. Also, I’m kind of partial to Pierce Brosnan, not so much for his portrayal of Bond, but just because he’s hot. I’ll admit it. (Hopefully you won’t hold that against the kittens?)

(Sorry, Meradeth. You got one of the answers right. The other choice is horribly misguided. One kitten is at serious risk).

*The flying scenes when the Sarys take wing and soar through the sky. To me, those scenes were written with a poet's eye. Almost sensual, in fact. Were they meant to be sexy? Subliminal hot dreams? Do I need to get out more?

Is it bad that I’m both laughing and blushing? J Hah! In some of the scenes, yeah, there’s definitely meant to be a bit more going on than just flying, but mostly I just spend an inordinate amount of time daydreaming about flying away, or at least just enjoying a sunset from 10k feet! Sooo, I guess my answer is sorta, hehe!

There you have it, gang. Go read her dang book, already!

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  1. Wait, I didn't find out which of my Bond answers was misguided! :) Okay, not that it's much of a guess, I'll admit! Thanks a million for the interview!!

  2. Daniel Craig was one of the right answers, Meradeth. But, Pierce Brosnan? Oy. The other correct answer is the misogynistic Sean Connery. Sure he sucks as a human being, but he's the go-to "Bond." This kitty is outta' here! Regardless, your book is stellar and everyone should read it. More kitties will die if you don't read Colors Like Memories.

    1. lol! I should have guessed it would be Sean. Unfortunately, whenever I think of him now all I hear in my head is the parody of him on SNL in the Jeopardy game.

    2. Meradeth! Maybe you can help me. I know and love the Jeopardy Sean Connery imitation on old SNL's. But for the life of me, I can't figure out which cast member portrays him. Help!

    3. I had to google, couldn't remember for the life of me! Darrel Hammond :) Quite possibly my favorite SNL skits of all time!

  3. The book sounds very intriguing. I don't quite get the James Bond connection. I know he has a thing about cats because of Bloefeld, or was that Dr. Evil? Anyway, I will definitely consider this book.

    1. Awesome, Michael, hope you get a chance to check it out! :)

  4. Aloha Stuart,

    Thanks for the fun *and* interview - and cheers for sharing, Meradeth.

    Much continued success to both of you :)

  5. Fair warning, everyone. The first person who brings Roger Moore into the equation is signing the death warrant of a bus-load of kitties. I know, right? Ugly. But you have to say "no" to cinema terrorists.

    Okay. Enough "Bondage." Let's get back to how awesome Meradeth and her books are! (Sorry to hijack your interview, Meradeth!)

    1. This debate cracks me up--definitely not hijacking, just making me think I need to watch some old Bond movies!

  6. Meradeth is an exceptionally talented writer and anyone who hasn't read her books yet is missing out. They are inspired. And now that I've read this interview, I feel I can connect with the book/characters on a more personal level--as well as with Meradeth. It seems we share a lot of similarities in our childhoods.

    On a lighter note, the best James Bond is definitely Sean Connery. :)

    Michelle :)
    Author, PODs available now!
    Milayna (book #1) available March 11, 2014

    1. Thanks, Michelle :) I would seem that some of those experiences when we were younger led in similar directions later. Strange how that works.

      And now it's going to have to be a Sean as Bond night around here!

  7. Fun interview! Much to my surprise, Meradeth has already proven that an old fartessa like me can still enjoy reading a fantasy novel. (At least, the ones she's written.)

    As for the Bonds? As far as I'm concerned, Sean Connery is the only REAL Bond. The rest are impersonators.

    1. lol, fartessa? Hardly, Susan! (Though I am definitely stealing that word--it's awesome!)

      I really must stop thinking of Connery-impersonators saying "Therapist" on SNL every time I think of him!! :)

  8. "Fartessa?" Love it.

    Okay. Minority opinion here, but I actually liked Timothy Dalton as Bond. He brought back the intensity after the awful Roger Moore winkiness.

    Here's what's really strange. My wife LOVED George Lazenby as Bond. You guys remember him?

    I think I'm going to mention James Bond in every post for now on. Seems to be popular.

    Fartessa. Heh.

  9. What a wonderful post. I love Meradeth's books- so it was great to learn more about her here today. I am so sorry for her that she grew up in an abusive household. One of my best friends moved out of her house when she was 15 for the same reason. I am glad she was able to get out and to hopefully put the past behind her (and use it in her writing).

    Also- fascinating to know a bit more about Edison- in my mind he is regular looking- but still quite good looking. :)

    1. I'll admit, I was a little nervous to share more about my past, as I almost never do, but it definitely has made me who I am today :)

      And I'm glad that's how you imagined Edison--definitely what I was going for!

  10. I gotta say, Meradeth's about the bravest person I know for bringing up and facing her past. Brava, girl! Seriously. It takes mucho courage to do so. Especially surrounded by stoopid questions about James Bond actors.

    1. Thanks, Stuart! And hey, I liked the Bond questions! :) Even if I did fail, lol!