Friday, February 3, 2017

Orange is the new Hate

Okay, okay, I'm sick of politics, too. Especially this new world order that makes no sense whatsoever.

Two weeks in, let's look at Trump's major accomplishments: low-income families can no longer afford to buy houses. The Trump immigration ban? Makes sound sense, right? What the United States is all about. Trump's ticked off China, numerous other countries. Shocker. But America's great again!  
No wonder 1984 is the best-selling novel now.

I'm absolutely terrified. Who's our new US president representing? And why are people buying into it?

Trump says he's giving America back to "the people." As long as "the people" are white, rich, male and orange, natch.

Here's what I don't get...white, rich, male, sexist, Eagles-listening, Fox News-watching, golfing people have ALWAYS been represented by the government. No matter the political denomination, Republicans or Democrats. The power's been in their hands, will continue to be. So why are white guys suddenly rising, like there's something to be angry about?

Orange is a new power group, but I thought the Oompa-Loompa Union had them covered.

Nothing's changing in the US regarding the power structure. Doesn't look like it will in the next four years.
Trump proclaims he wants to unite the country. Good luck, Orange One. Your hateful political campaign divided the country. (And, yes, Hillary had a hand in that as well).

We liberals aren't exempt from horrible behavior. I own up to that. Proponents on both sides have turned ugly, bitterly awful. I used to enjoy healthy political chats with friendly opponents. Not any longer. Not even with politically like-minded allies.
The so-called "leader of the free world" promotes hatred like a merit badge for scouts. Someone who's supposed to lead by example of exemplary behavior.

I feel like I'm following the biggest brat on the playground. One who likes molesting women and loves golden showers. 

Have you tried having a decent, intelligent, political chat these days?

Trump has unleashed a wave of hatred, anger and bigotry across the country, unrivaled since Hitler's reign. Now more than ever, people find it okay--even admirable--to bash people, verbally and physically.

Opinions that people have been harboring--festering away like cancer--are suddenly being unleashed with zeal. Thoughts that people knew were previously forbidden to share. But everything's changed. Our leader's made it clear it's okay to hate everyone different! Shout it from the rooftops, dammit! Our president does!

Couple days ago, I wrote this about my new book...

"Not Donald Trump's biography! But very close to it. From Riverdale Avenue Books, Demon with a Comb-Over (with a brand-spanking, sparkly new prequel) is out now!"

Just trying to find an amusing hook.

A woman responded, "Get over it! You're irritating me! We had 8 years of your idiot and he didn't do crap! Shut your mouth and deal with the future!"

Oof! Cyber-slapped! I "irritated" her. I live in her world and I'm just lucky to be sharing it. Whoops, my bad. Meanwhile, she's out there poking the bear.

 Welcome to the new world order. It's like we're living in "Celebrity Apprentice," praying we don't get fired from life.

America's always been about freedom of speech and healthy political debate.
Let's get back to that.
Help stomp out orange.


  1. I had a Catholic friend posting anti-Muslim memes yesterday. I called on her privately as a fellow Catholic. She backed down pretty fast. I won't tolerate anti-Muslim thought.

  2. "...promotes hatred like a merit badge for scouts." LOL! I really enjoyed your post despite the rather nightmarish nature of the situation. This whole mess is due to the "angry white man" and his Tammy Wynette-ish spouse. Dems should stop blaming themselves and feeling guilty that the Trumpers consider them elitist. It's elitist to go to college? It's elitist to read books after high school? It's elitist to watch news programs and documentaries and be informed about the world? Of course, when asked, all the Trumpers vehemently deny being bigots. But finally one guy in PA, in a bar full of Trumpers, admitted it. To a black interviewer, he blamed the loss of his former business (a bar) to "those people" moving into the area. Interviewer asked, "You mean people who look like me?" Answer, "Yes, I'm very prejudiced and I'm not afraid to admit it." All the rest say they see no discrimination in Trumps Muslim ban. Of course not -- treating minorities badly is normal life to them. No problem. But none except this guy admitted he was a bigot.

    And good for Suzanne for standing up to what's wrong. Dems must continue to do that.