Friday, July 1, 2016

Interview with a Girl Bewitched (by Suzanne de Montigny and Kira)

Today, I'm turning the blog over to Kira, protagonist of my friend Suzanne de Montigny's new biography, A Town Bewitched! It's a stellar YA supernatural mystery/coming of age tale and the strangest thing? It's all true! It has to be, right? I mean since the protagonist is writing directly on my blog! Take it away, Kira!

Hi, my name’s Kira. I’m fourteen and Dad just died. There’s this weird woman who showed up at his funeral that none of us know, and in a small town like Hope, everyone is acquainted with everyone. Anyway, she’s got the strangest eyes, a pale blue like a wild animal’s and she plays this hypnotic Celtic music that has the whole town bewitched. I mean, I’ve never seen Hope act like this before. This is a rock town, yet here they are taking step lessons, fiddling lessons, and filling the one tavern Uncle Jack owns every night. Even the In-Girls and their bully friend Travis are in! I can’t believe it.

Anyway, my BFF, Charlotte, who’s the only Asian in the whole town and who has just as much trouble fitting in thanks to Travis, are trying to figure out who this Kate McDonough is. I’ve looked her up on the internet and she doesn’t seem to have a past. Personally, I think she’s responsible for the weird things happening around town – the vandalizing of buildings and the dead and gutted birds someone leaves behind as a calling card. The authorities even found human teeth marks in a bit of organ they left behind. I know it’s here, but no one will believe me and I’m scared something bad’s going to happen.
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