Monday, June 20, 2016

Hate disguised as religion

Apologies, folks. But I'm jumping up on my soap-box for a rare departure.

The Orlando shooting was a tragedy. Very sad, very frightening.

Then this ass-hat, "pastor" Roger Jiminez from Sacramento, proclaims that he thought the tragedy was great. "Orlando's a little safer tonight."

Safe from what? He's apparently so fearful of homosexuality, he protests too much. Repressed much? Love should not be a crime, no matter the gender, certainly not a governmental concern.

I'm not a religious guy much, but I do know the teachings of Jesus certainly wouldn't sway toward the outright hatred, the vile evil this douche is spilling. Advocating killing?

Jiminez goes on further, saying the government should round up all gay people and blow their brains out. He proclaims the dead "pedophiles."

I can't believe Jiminez has a following flock of believers.

Jesus was open to everyone. Hung out with an unsavory crew. Nice guy by all accounts.

Jiminez, you suck. One of the most evil people since Hitler.