Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm ashamed to be living in Kansas right now. Not just the usual embarrassments of idiocy, either. And a little scared, too.

You've probably heard about the tragic shooting at the Kansas Jewish Community Center. The perpetrator shot and killed several people. Why? Hate crime. When the police caught this demon, he smiled, made some anti-Semitic comments, very proud of his handiwork. Turns out he had been a "Grandmaster" in the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, sadly, the KKK still exists in Kansas.

I just watched the poor woman who lost her son and father give a heart-felt statement to the local media. Woman's a warrior, said she hopes something good comes from it, and her faith in God is carrying her through.

Bravo and tears for her. Honestly, she handled it with such grace, I don't know how she managed. I couldn't.

If that's not enough, there's currently a maniac who slips on a ski mask and is driving around the "Grandview Triangle (a particularly tricky part of Kansas City highway treachery, a special circle of Hell in itself, now made even more dangerous)" taking potshots at other drivers.

The police commissioner's response when put on the spot? "Well, there hasn't been a shooting since Sunday." Like that's supposed to appease us. Lame. But I know he's in a tough spot.

The insanity has to stop.

It's like Kansas back in the "wild west" days. The difference being I actually understand why people were putting bullets in others back then. Greed. Money. Show of power. Not acceptable, but at least there was motivation behind the shootings.

Not now. It's a scary, dangerous world. One where I fear for my loved ones. Something has to change. And the change starts with how we interact with one another.


  1. I think modern crimes can be motivated by frustration. Especially frustration by conservative white males who feel slighted by the modern world. When a judge gives custody to the mother - shoot her and the kid. When a Latino gets his job, go shoot up a Latin bar. When a black gets elected, pipe-bomb a black church.

    Some Duck Dynasty guy was almost kicked off the show for saying something anti-gay. What did they expect? That old, southern, country men are politically correct?

    Yup, the KKK is alive and well, just gone underground.

  2. It must be the eclipse of the sun. Blood moon.