Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reaping Good Fiction With Dorothy Dreyer

With a huge ol’ drum-roll (please supply that yourself. Just put your lips together and water-boat), I present to you my good friend, and awesome author, Dorothy Dreyer! Her debut book, My Sister’s Reaper, is really a great YA supernatural thriller, gang. Buy it, already.

*Dorothy, okay, you’re dipping into the supernatural pond. Personal beliefs?

 I’ve always believed in magic. Maybe not outright magic magic, but a little of that unexplainable that always remains a mystery in life. As for the supernatural world, I’ve read a lot of evidence (and even heard from close relatives) of ghosts or some other entities that “interfere” with our world now and again. Though it’s spooky, I tend to believe it’s out there.

 *So...what's up with "reapers?" They carry your book. Tell your new readers what they're in for.

 I think the idea of writing a book involving grim reapers stemmed from episodes of Supernatural. Except in Supernatural, the reapers took human form. In my books, they’re out and out reapers, tattered cloaks and all. I thought it would be interesting to delve into that kind of world, where one (or two) would have to battle death.

 *Hm. Wondering if you're a Sam or Dean gal. But I digress. Zadie’s a great, strong female character. Don’t wanna’ hit you up immediately with a stupid question (when has that ever stopped me?), but what’re her origins?

 My protagonist couldn’t just be fighting death with no weapons at her side, right? In MY SISTER’S REAPER, Zadie discovers that she’s no ordinary girl. Her roots lie in the supernatural worlds of faeries and witches. What she does with this information, and the power that comes with it, is up to her.

 *Along these lines, Zadie’s sister, Mara? The sister Zadie risks everything for? Curious how you view her. Personally, I thought she was rather awful, alive or dead. Maybe it’s just me. Always hated “popular” girls.

 To me, Mara is just a girl who’s made bad decisions, like all teenagers are prone to do. She wanted to be popular and get the cutest boy in school to be her boyfriend, and then just went about it the wrong way when she figured out she could. After the Reaper gets a hold of her, however, her actions were not entirely her own. I like to think Zadie understands this. And Zadie, who has a huge heart, remembers all the good things about her sister, and so it comes naturally to want to risk everything for her.

*I was particularly taken with several scenes in the book that were downright spooky! Great job! I love the spooky. Are you a fan of horror fiction?

 The funny thing is, I’m not! I have read Stephen King books, and though I admire his writing, I tend to go towards books with “magic” rather than books with “horror.” My husband, however, loves horror. I used to fight him when he wanted to see a scary movie. Now I just think of it as research, lol.

*Well, can I hang out with your husband? My wife's the same way. Not a fan of horror films. Now quit derailing this interview, Dorothy! Your tale’s practically a cousin to my books. We share a lot of the same sensibilities it would seem. I can see our characters interacting easily. Even in the same universe. So…who would win in a fist fight? Mickey or Lilura, your witchy mentor character?

 That would be a tough one. They’re both pretty crafty and know they’re stuff. Mickey is probably physically stronger. But Lilura is clever enough that she’d think to distract Mickey with some fried chicken, then she could take her down.

*I’m sure I’m in the minority (maybe not. A tribute to your well-fleshed out characters), but I was sorta’ pulling for Zadie to hook up with Chase as opposed to the hunk Gavin, who she has her sights set on. Hope you follow up with this in the sequel. Don’t leave me hangin’! Um, there IS going to be a sequel, right?

 Though it’s not an all out love triangle, I did enjoy toying with the Zadie/Gavin/Chase aspect of the book. It gave the story a fun (or maybe dramatic) facet that I thought would work well in a young adult book. To answer your questions: yes, there will be a sequel (coming out in spring 2014), and yes, we follow up with this trio in the next book.

*I may be the only one who’s absolutely thrilled about this, but I LOVE that the two main characters share a passion for bad “B movies.” Hobby of mine, actually. Elaborate.

 B movies are something I remember growing up with. The love of these “bad” movies had to take place in my book. I thought it was also ironic, seeing as how Zadie is dealing with terrible things happening, just like in the movies she loves. And then to have that as something she has in common with Gavin makes it even sweeter.

*Please watch a horrible film entitled, "Winterbeast." Then get back to me. And I'm apologizing ahead of time. I, too, grew up with B-movies. Sadly, I STILL haven't outgrown them. Okay. Back on track.

This is something I just recently discovered. Which is way cool. But you do music videos, yeah? Guys, check this out:

 *What’s up next on Dorothy’s awesome keyboard?

 I’m revising book two, which I’m getting really excited about. And working on some other things that may be revealed in the future. ;)

Told you guys Dorothy’s awesome. Read her book. You’ll like, you will.



  1. Thanks so much for having me on the blog, Stuart!

    1. You're entirely welcome, Dorothy. Drop by any ol' time.

  2. I believe in magic, too! :) I really enjoyed My Sister's Reaper and can't wait for book two!

  3. B movies are awesome! And I love writing horror, but can't watch it, so I guess I'm sort of similar. :D It's on my TBR list and I can't WAIT to read it!!!

  4. Yep, I love magic, don't love the horror. I'm too good at freaking myself out to enjoy horror lol Great interview!

  5. Count me into the "magic but not horror" crowd. Most of Stephen King is out of my reach, I'm afraid. But My Sister's Reaper sounds doable!

  6. I swan, y'all are a buncha' scaredy-cats! LOL. So far I've kept out the horror from my books as well (for the most part). But one of these days I'm going to unleash a horror opus.
    And hooray for the B-movie love, Lisa!