Friday, November 4, 2016

Here we go, Amurica. Hold on tight...

I know everyone's sick and tired of politics. Me, too. Britain has the right idea: four months politicizing then they're done in one.

Is that un-American? No way! The U.S. is in it to abuse it! Ram tough! Hoo-yeah! We can chew the ear off a corn-cob 'til it's deaf, spit it out like popcorn!  Shock and awe! Amurica! Bet yer damn boots! Get off my door-step, NAFTA policy! Mucho bad hombres!

I apologize.

But, Tuesday, November 8th is the most important night in American  history. 

We're either in for the eradication of the world or status quo. Sure, "status quo" doesn't improve the country, doesn't read very sexy, but honestly, isn't it better? Nothing wrong with status quo.

A friend of mine is holding out for progression. Yeah, right, keep dreaming. Be glad to live through another four years!

I could go on and on about how one of the candidates isn't politically, professionally, emotionally, mentally or psychologically equipped to handle the job. Or the other one isn't exactly my fave, either, a few skeletons in the closet. Not naming names (but orange isn't a good color this year), because I'm tired. The pointless battles, arguments and debates fall on deaf ears on both sides. I've usually enjoyed healthy political verbal see-saws. Not so much this election

The whole thing's played out. It's time to move on. I hope.

Let's sweat it out together. Our lives depend on it.

ELECTION DAY UPDATE: Here it is folks! Armageddon Tuesday! I'm sweating worse than the guy above. Can't decide if it's time to start drinking heavily now or wait until things looks grim.

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  1. So in agreement. Praying hard.
    Sad part is, I have a son who is a Trump supporter.