Friday, February 12, 2016

STRIKE: Killers Incorporated, Book #2!


The killers are back in town.

Leon Garber’s an accountant and occasional assassin.  But he’s one of the good guys.  See, Leon’s only interested in taking out abusers. He’s not the only serial killer on a mission, though. His past employer, Like Minded Individuals, Inc. (LMI for short), employs quite a few. 

Mostly, Leon was a model employee. Or at least, he was until that little falling-out he had with them last year.  Now he’s got a target on his back.  He’s seriously out-numbered, but even worse, LMI has hired Leon’s former associate, Cody Spangler, to track him down. Unfortunately for Leon, someone else from Leon’s past, someone he never wanted to see again, has other ideas for Leon’s welfare. 

But now’s the time to strike. Old allies and dangerous new acquaintances join together to fight back. A team of disgruntled killers have banded together. The operative? Take down LMI. Or die trying.

Strike: Killers Incorporated Book #2

Serial killers have never been so much fun. Trust me. Many more dysfunctional and nutty characters are introduced: Nanette, the black widow; The I-35 Vampire; The Dobermann Pincher; Mr. Sensitivity; Bug; and, of course, my favorite: The Man with the Shoebox.

If you haven't already, get in on the ground floor with the first book, Secret Society. The only book to come with a "punch in the face" guarantee!* That's right! If you don't like Secret Society, I'll come to your house and you can punch me in the face!*

*Disclaimer: The reader must live within a one block range of said author's residence. Traveling is expensive. Plus, as much as I love this book, I also kinda like my face. Warning: Don't read Secret Society while driving heavy machinery. Don't mix prescription drugs with Secret Society. If drowsiness ensues, then you're not reading Secret Society. Pregnant women should not read Secret Society unless consulting me first and I say it's okay. If a rash persists while reading Secret Society, call your doctor and tell him to read Secret Society.

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